Buy a star and gift them as a token of love

Everyone loves stars. Watching the sky on a starry night with a gentle breeze shuddering our hearts with some serene music in our ears, how pleasant does that sound? A 10/10 rated moment in life it is. Now imagine how cool it would be to own a star.  Isn’t it crazy that we can now buy a star (Sterne Schenkena) for ourselves or gift it to our loved ones?

What are stars?

Starting from the poems we read as kids, we all know stars twinkle and shine just like the rhyme we learned. However, as we grow older, technical terms change our view on particular things. Stars are no longer the magic of our dead ancestors, they are now rather large celestial bodies that reflect light due to huge masses of hydrogen and helium around them. Definitions of life do change as we grow. The universe is a vast study and stars have been a major part of it for millions of years. They are of different sizes and temperatures, few are close to the earth and few are not. No matter what, stars have always been an interesting topic to discuss, well maybe because around 300 billion of them are floating around in our galaxy – the milky way itself, wonder how many of them exist that we don’t acknowledge.

Interesting facts about stars:

  1. Stars are categorized:

Did you know that stars had types? Well if you didn’t, now you do. Stars are categorized into 7 groups based on their temperature. The types are denoted by a set of alphabet. The 7 types of stars in ascending order of temperature are M, K, G, F, A, B, and O. O and B are the least common with higher temperatures, while M is what we mostly find in the sky, cold, dim, and tiny.

  • The sun:

Well, this may be something we all are aware of, the sun is a star. The largest and hottest star in the universe, at least until we discover a bigger star than the sun. The sun is an amazing existence in this whole universe, probably because earth could never sustain life without it, and neither possess gravity.

  • Sirius:

Astronomy lovers must be really familiar with this star. It is the brightest star in the sky and no, we are not excluding the sun from the list. Most people misunderstand that the sun is the brightest star in the sky since it’s the biggest in size. However, the luminosity of the star Sirius is 25 times greater than the sun but due to the long distance between the earth and the star, it appears less bright than the sun. Sirius is also known as the dog star.

  • Proxima Centauri:

This star is the closest to the earth. It is a tiny star located near the constellation of Centaurus. It is 4.22 light-years away from the sun.

  • Stars do not twinkle:

This might break millions of hearts to know that the rhyme of their sweet childhood is a complete lie. The stars do not twinkle but in fact, the light reflected by the celestial body has to pass through various layers of the earth’s atmosphere before reaching ours to produce an image. However, the incident ray of light deviates at each layer causing a disturbance and alight change in intensity with the passing of each layer. Thus we observe that “deviation” as a twinkle.

Why buy a star?

The only answer to that question is because they stay. They will stay here longer than we will. They will stay in our memories and they will carry our memories. Regardless of emotional attachment, stars are generally gifted on account of birth or baptism. Stars symbolize hope, guidance, and divinity

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