All You Need To Know About Product Tester For Amazon


We have evolved into a marketplace where everything is virtual in today’s scenario. The buyers and sellers rarely meet each other directly but have virtual contact. We make online payments we buy products online. We get them delivered to the location that we are in. Things have drastically changed from how they were a few years back and now. The changes are positive and it keeps us going, to save time and money. The products that are sold on eCommerce websites use a lot of strategies to increase their sales. Customer feedback is one of the strongest from then till now. Earlier it was a word of mouth marketing that would take place for purchasing a product or a service. But today we are in an era where we look for reviews and buy a product. You would have done this at least once to purchase any products on your popular e-commerce websites. As a purchaser, you can give reviews for the genuine buying that you make with your valuable comments. One step ahead of this is testing the product for which you will be paid. Yes, you heard it right one can become a product tester for Amazon (produkttester für amazon) to the verified purchases that you make.


 To become a product tester you need to create your ranking image as a reviewer. This is the first step that you should take for any eCommerce website to invite you to join them. If you continuously review products Amazon will give you a rank based on how much qualitative feedback you have posted. It is not only about the feedback that you have given but what also matters is how many buyers have found it worthy. It matters how many likes you have got for your reviews. Users’ feedback for authentic reviews should pay you a price. So Amazon gives you products for free for the genuine reviews you make on their portal.

So go to the Amazon website and find a tester link to click on that. It will take you to the products that you want to review. Decide on what you could give a review for. It will ask you for the order ID to submit your order ID. You can copy and paste the feedback that you posted as a verified purchaser. It takes some time to accept your review by the quality assurance team. So wait until you get or reply back. If your comments are accepted you will receive your money on your PayPal account.

So these are the things you need to keep in mind when you are going to be a product tester. Be professional in your comments. It should be formal and also dependable. Avoid fake reviews it may lead to the cancellation of your profile if you are not a verified purchaser giving manipulative reviews. You can use the product and also give it to your extended family for writing a better review.


Avoid getting into problems with some companies telling you to review the product on any e-commerce website. This can lead to a dangerous situation that you may have to face for your illegal activities. If the company asks you to write a review for the product on their personal blocks or on Youtube then you can do that. But if the company asked you to write a review on any e-commerce website for their products paying you some bulk money you don’t do that. So read the guidelines carefully and don’t go against the rules. The quality assurance team will definitely find out whether you are giving a qualitative review or if your review is fake.

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