Wondering Which Hogwarts House Am I? Read This To Find Out!!

Harry Potter is not just a story in a book or a movie but an escape to a fantasy land. May I add an unforgettable one? With fans worldwide indulged in this delightful series, the Harry Potter quizzes are in demand, one of the most famous beings “which hogwarts house am i?”

Before jumping onto the answers, know that it doesn’t determine what characteristics you own, but it depends on what qualities you value the most. So, with that said, let’s find out which Hogwarts house is made for whom.

What Hogwarts house do you belong to?

  • Gryffindor: Gryffindor is for those who value bravery and virtue the most. This house is known for courageous, extrovert people in nature, fond of adventure and carrying well-built morals. No, you won’t get to fight dragons or basilisks when it comes to the actual world. If you are willing to take risks to save someone, choose your career path, or do something that you’re afraid of, but you do it anyway, you value bravery. It doesn’t mean that you have to go and talk to every person you see by an extrovert. Rather you have to own self-confidence, and whenever you meet someone, how comfortable you make them feel defines the value of extrovert.

Have you ever seen any Gryffindor just sitting around and chilling? No, you won’t cause they believe in solving the problem and doing things rather than waiting for a knight in shining armour. If you stand for what you believe in and have strong morals that no one can change easily, then you’re a Gryffindor.

  • Ravenclaw: Ravenclaw is for those who value intelligence and wisdom the most. This house is known for people who don’t pretend who they are, fond of reading books, and their brain works 24/7. If you’re not afraid of your past but are willing to learn from the mistakes, then you cherish the value of Ravenclaw. Some people will try to change other people, but if you’re not one of those and accept people for who they are and don’t want to change a single thing in them, you might belong in this Hogwarts house.

Also, are your thoughts always roaming in your head 24/7, and you have a hard time turning them off? Well, Ravenclaw signifies this quality too. They are fond of books are loves reading and learning to the core. If you possess and value all these traits, then congratulations, you belong to the house of Ravenclaw.

  • Hufflepuff: Hufflepuff is for that one who values kindness and diligence the most. This house is known for the people who are friendly, modest, loyal and hard worker. If you’re loyal to your friends and close ones and don’t share the secrets they share with you with another person and always put your close ones first before you, you acquire and value the loyalty. You have seen in the series that Hufflepuff was drawn towards not so pleasurable works, but they found it fun. If you love chopping food, dusting, or growing plants, you value hard work quality.

And then comes the best trait, the quality of friendliness. If you get along with whoever you’re with and make them feel at ease if you don’t have any enemies and you are ready to help whoever comes to you, then my friend, congratulations, you’re in the house of Hufflepuff.

  • Slytherin: Slytherin is for those who value ambition and are cunning in nature. This house is known for competitive people, prioritise family, and have bigger goals to achieve. You have seen in the series that Slytherin was full of self-esteem and was determined to succeed. So if you’re competitive in any game, even you’re playing it with your friends just for fun, you may be a Slytherin.

They always prioritise their family over everything and love them to the core, and they don’t care about what other people think of them. They don’t show their fake image of being nice. Rather keep it as it is. Slytherin is ambitious to the core and can do anything to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They know how to get it; hence, congratulations on being a Slytherin if you value any of these qualities.

Hope that you’ve got the answer to your question that is “which hogwarts house am I?” Remember, each house is best on its own, so it doesn’t matter to which you belong.

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