Top Hotels Near College Station, TX

College station earned its name as it is home to the main campus of Texas A&M University. Located along a railroad track, the name stuck due to the main campus and the railroad station, thus College Station. Due to this, it is also the 13th-largest metropolitan area in the state of Texas. Owing to the presence of the university, a lot of related businesses and people have made their homes in and around College Station.

Texas A&M University is a landmark institute, with research funded by NASA, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. Grants to this university include Land, Sea, and Space grants. Students who wish to be in the middle of incredible and ground-breaking developmental research will want a spot here.

College station is not famous just for its university, though. There are many things to enjoy in College Station. It also serves as a tourist location, with plenty of sights and sounds of American life. Whether you want a relaxing vacation or a trip with plenty of sightseeing in markets and antique shops, College Station has that and more. 

It also boasts some of the best hotels on the American coast. While going on a trip, staying at a hotel depends on the hotels available for you, and fortunately, College Station has some of the best. This article will help you decide which hotel you should pick to stay in during your vacation at College Station. 

Know about the best Hotels in College Station

From elegant establishments to grand accommodations, these are the Best Hotels in College Station

The George

Rustic, refined, and a great hotel for families, couples, and singles, The George is the newest addition to the hotels in College Station. It has well-fitted rooms, a pool, a fitness area, and a great restaurant to lavish your tastebuds on. 

Fairfield Inns and Suites 

This hotel is close to Texas A&M, just a block away. Often used as a vacation spot, it has well-designed rooms ergonomically designed to facilitate a comfortable stay. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Fairfield Inns is certainly a great option to pick for you. 

Holiday inns 

Holiday Inn is a world-class place to stay during your vacation at College Station, globally renowned for its hotel chain. This hotel drives up standards like no other with an indoor swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness area, and bright, classy amenities. The diner offers amazing southern cuisine, with the hospitality of the southerners too.

Texas A&M may be the highlight of College Station, but its chic hybrid markets and antique stores are also worth visiting. It is a great location for a weekend outing and vacation, with classy hotels to make your stay worthwhile and fun. With the right hotel, one can spend our weekend or vacation in style and fully use our stay. Whether you want to attend the weekend sports event at Texas A&M or drop off your grad student, there are hotels for all.  

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