Lodging near Silverton Colorado – make your trips worth it

Silverton is a beautiful town located in the western part of the San Juan hills of Colorado. It is situated on the river bank of the Animas River. This serene city in the remote areas of the USA is a great tourist attraction due to its historical attractions and beautiful scenery. In this article, we will discuss travel and lodging near Silverton Colorado.

History of Silverton Colorado

Silverton’s history is incomplete without the mention of mine. Standing first in the historical hall of fame is the “Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railroad”. The mentioned railway was used for mine trains and is currently closed down. Those empty train tracks hold tales of the time. Silverton was famous for its gold and silver mines. However, after the disaster “The panic of 1907” made its hit, the mines gradually lost their business like numerous other businesses during those times. The financial crisis caused great distress to the US population. The last operating mine in the town dropped dead in 1992.

Unsurprisingly the town’s population has been declining steadily. It was recorded as low as 637 in the 2010 census. The town bagged itself numerous nicknames. “Baker’s park” few called it due to the vast mines that spread across, while few named it the “old west”. The town gained popularity as a tourist destination with the name “old west” ever since 1913. Because the town is amidst hills, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has experienced one of the highest recorded storms. No matter how serene the city is, winter was never gentle on the town. Harsh winters made it impossible for tourism in that season. Hence, Silverton settled itself as a summer vacation spot.

Lodging- hotels vs motels?

Your convenient stay depends on the type of holiday you like to spend. If you are here for a road trip then undoubtedly motels are your go-to choice. However, if you are more of a stay-in for long and observe type of person, then hotels might be your better choice.


People who opt for road trips have the essence of traveling. They like to explore as much as they can within short periods. They are constant movers. Motels can provide them with free parking for their vehicles. The parking lot is usually attached to their room. Motels are usually placed on highways and are located in such a way that they are surrounded by all essentials such as car dealers, convenience stores, grocery stores, dive-in restaurants, drive-thru restaurants, fuel stations, etc. They are usually owned and operated by families, which will give off a more homely vibe. The motels are designed to be small and cozy. Most importantly, motels are a lot cheaper than hotels. We are provided with all the basic amenities we need at less expense. Motels in Silverton cost around 170$ to 189$


People who prefer long peaceful visits can opt for hotels. They are comfortable staying around for longer periods. When you stick around for longer, there are chances you may happen to experience incidents like theft, in such cases, hotels that are better equipped with CCTV cameras provide you greater security than motels. Most of the time, the hotel may provide you with a basic itinerary of the city. Sometimes, even the staff might end up tipping you off about great places for dining and sightseeing. Hotel rooms are vast, comfortable, and luxurious. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about hygiene in well-rated hotels. Hotels in Silverton usually cost around 235$ to 268$.


Either way, Silverton Colorado is a great visit for a small-time holiday. Take a break from your stressful busy lives to enjoy a peaceful holiday in this serene town.

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