Do people believe in spiritual magic?

Yeah, spiritual magic is famous from ancient times, and still, in this modern world, we can see many people believe it blindly. Whether it will work or not is apart but they have faith in it, so their deeper thought will automatically tend towards the spiritual magic. We can use the magic for anything else, شمس المعارف الكبرى is the most wanted thing because everyone wishes to be rich and by using their knowledge, they wish to achieve everything. Apart from it, there are many kinds of magic are available. People choose based on their wishes and use them on others. 

Why do they prefer it?

Everyone in this world was depending on others, though they may look independent and happy they will have some kind of cunning on their mind. So, they will try to attract the attention of people towards them, by using this they can achieve all because people will get belief on the person work and they will ready to do anything for them. How they can achieve their goal? So here comes the spiritual magic, people will use شمس المعارف الكبرى to attract others and keep them by their side. Then they will start to use their tricks to develop their business successfully because the magic is a kind of positive energy to attract people. To achieve their goal people will prefer them a lot. 

How it will work?

Those who wish to attract others for their benefits will contact the person. Here are few steps given and it will explain how it will work on the people. They are,

  • People need to give their sweat handkerchief to the concerned person. It will be a tissue to absorb the sweat.
  • Then the magician will write the needs of the person on the kerchief with some kinds of magic words.
  • They will role it on the nail because iron will attract positive energy a lot than other materials and it will seal our energy without going out.
  • The nail and tissue need to be placed on the bamboo cup because it is one of the oldest trees and people believe it has a soul.
  • The magician will seal the nail inside the bamboo by using the wax so it can’t be unsealed at ease.
  • At last, after few prayers, the magician will let bamboo sticks on the sea. There will be four bamboo sticks. It will travel in each direction to attract people. 
  • People believe that nature will help them and bamboo and nail will attract positive energy towards them and the person to experience the energy source.

How positive energy overcomes negativity?

Before starting the spiritual magic one should aware of it because sometimes the magic may show a reverse effect. So first, we need to train our mind and body for it, people should have faith in it and need to keep their minds pure and clean. If we have any cunning or hated feel towards others, it will attract negative energy towards us and we can’t achieve our goal. People need to believe in themselves before starting the process if we have a pure heart then we can gain more positive energy towards us and so people can stay away from negativity at ease. The negative energy will always lead us in the wrong direction; with a positive vibe, we can achieve everything. So both positive energies will help us to keep away the negative vibe and attract better results towards us in a short time but the only thing is we should believe with full heart before applying it to other people.

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