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A call-in system helps in managing and organizing employee attendance and many more. There are so many benefits to absence notifications solutions

attendance tracking

You can easily manage attendance through our software. You don’t need to write the status of employees manually; our system takes care of all manual work. The system works in auto mode and does the attendance updates.

Full fill the employer’s absence.

It usually happens that when an employee is absent, the result is all the organization and business face. It decreases the productivity and efficiency of a business. Our system fills the gap and do the work.

helps with record keeping.

The most important aspect for an HR department is a consistent record without any gaps. We have a perfect solution to it. Our system does all the work automatically. All your data gets available on a dashboard on which you can see and analyze it.

It saves time and money.

When an employee is absent, the entire company and business are affected by it because the employee’s work is so important.

Employee policy

When employees are not present, then it creates a problem for business in productivity, and that is why we have a powerful system through which you can create a company’s policy. When you have a good employee policy and the employee follows it, the results will be great in productivity.

A hotline for absence reporting

Through our phone, you get a phone number through which you can call your employer and inform them about your absence. When you inform the employer, the employer adds it to our system, and then our system does all the work.

Supervisor and HR notifications

Our system does all the work of informing the people and people about the employee’s absence.

Tracking attendance points

Employer point tracking helps in better employee management. An employee gets points based on their performance. More points mean an employee is not fully fulling the guidelines, and fewer points mean an employee is properly fulling all terms.

HR automation and policy enforcement

An employee should follow the strict guidelines made by the HR department, and for that, you need a good employee policy that employees should follow.Our cms solution offers a complete call-off hotline that has all the capabilities that can meet your requirements easily.

Our HR software helps companies to do all the HR activities efficiently and includes HR management.

call-in service.

When your business grows, you need all the documentation. That is why our automated software gives all the documentation that is needed for carrying out all activities.

Our CMS continental message solution

It is a perfect solution for any busy HR professional. We help with doing repetitive tasks. These repetitive tasks are done on a daily basis, which is why we have a solution that does this work for you.

  • Employee point tracking helps you move faster in your work activities.
  • Some features of our cms software are
  • A dedicated employee call-in number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • This employee call-in number is through which the employee can call and inform the company.
  • All the calls are handled by live agents and automated IVR.
  • You get real-time notifications.
  • Through our system, you get real notifications.
  • Our system greatly helps in informing people about the absence.
  • You can customize stories based on your desires.
  • All the analytics you can see through the web portal.
  • You can do quality call recording through our system.
  • Automated attendance recording
  • You don’t need to fill out the sheet manually. All things will be filled out automatically.
  • Shift fill also gets done on auto mode.
  • Attendance policy enforcement

Through the attendance policy enforcement, you can set rules and create a policy for attendance and that is what an employee is going to follow. this way the attendance management goes smoothly.

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