All You Need To Know About Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Whenever the subject of unwanted hair and its permanent removal is broached, Full Body Laser Hair Removal is the readiest answer. The said solution enjoys great favors from people annoyed with unwanted hair. Thanks to the permanent hair removal benefits it provides. The technology relies on using lasers to cease the growth of hair follicles. Thus, it helps prevent the formation of new hairs. If you are thinking of getting this treatment yourself soon, you must first acquaint yourself with the benefits, risks, side effects, myths, facts, etc. 

Most people take laser hair removal treatment as the best and safest way to eliminate unwanted hair permanently or for a longer period. However, one may experience particular side effects such as irritation, redness, skin color changes, crusting, etc. We shall walk you through everything you need to know before embarking on your laser hair removal journey. So, read on!

Perks of getting laser hair removal treatment

The direct benefit of laser hair removal treatment is that you can finally shoo your unwanted hair from your legs, face, back, arms, bikini line, underarms, chine, and other body areas. Furthermore, you will enjoy the following benefits as well:

  • Accuracy of the treatment: The sharp beams of laser accurately target coarse and dark hairs while keeping the surrounding skin intact. 
  • Speed of the treatment: With each laser pulse, several hairs are affected and treated simultaneously. Smaller body areas such as upper lips can be worked on within a minute, while larger areas like legs or back take about an hour or so. 
  • Predictability of the treatment: After enduring three to seven laser hair removal sessions, a majority of the patients may face permanent hair loss. 

These benefits definitely render the option even more alluring. Let’s now head to other sections where you shall know about the risks one may endure. 

Side effects of laser hair removal treatment

People who undergo Full Body Laser Hair Removal may experience redness, irritation, crusting, scathing, or blisters on the skin. Some may even face changes in skin color or permanent scarring. 

After receiving the treatment, your skin may appear as if sunburned for a day or two. One may prefer to use moisturizers and cool compresses to alleviate this problem. You should, however, avoid wearing makeup if the skin develops blisters or scars. Blisters typically are likely to occur in folks who have darker skin. 

How much does laser hair removal cost?

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, on average, a person would have to spend around $389 for a single laser hair removal session in 2020. However, the cost of treatment may vary depending upon the following factors:

  • Size of the area which has to undergo treatment. 
  • A number of sessions required. 
  • Whether an expert or someone else will perform the treatment. 
  • Location of the place where you are getting treatment. 

You may even consult an expert to understand better the costs and the number of sessions you will need for laser hair removal treatment. 

How should you prepare for laser hair removal?

Laser removal is not simply limited to removing annoying hair. Since the procedure involves certain risks, one must take care to sleuth the authenticity of the technician who will perform the treatment. Furthermore, experts recommend avoiding waxing, plucking, or electrolysis for at least six weeks prior to Full Body Laser Hair Treatment. 

That is to ensure laser’s complete approach to hair roots, which the acts of plucking and waxing remove temporarily. Thus, you may not get the full effect of the treatment. Furthermore, you also need to avoid getting in the sun as it renders the treatment less productive and may even trigger complications later. 

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