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01.Philip T.B.C. - Little Metal Door (Unreleased)
02.DJ Koze - Marilyn Whirlwind
03.Scuba - Heavy Machinery
04.Philip T.B.C. feat. Elsa Esmeralda and Ghonzales - March Me To The Afterworld (Shades of Gray Remix)
05.Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
06.Bassnectar - Teleport Massive - RJD2 Remix
07.Philip T.B.C. ft. Elsa Esmeralda - Mirror Stranger (Jakub Johanek Remix)
08.Slippery Jack (Philip T.B.C. and Jock The Lock) - Under The Pavement feat. Elsa Esmeralda (unreleased)
09.Mala - Chaguito
10.Indigo - Sading
11.Slippery Jack (Philip T.B.C. and Jock The Lock) - Sitting In Shadow feat. Pat Fulgoni
12.Chinpo and Trigga - Gaza (Dub Phizix rmx)
13.Author  - The City
14.Starkey - Thugs
15.Hatcha vs. Lost - Tag Alone
16.Breakage - Ass Up ft. Desmantle
17.Akira Kiteshi - Version
18.Scuba - Three Sided Shape
19.I wannaBe - Abandoned

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