News » FREE DOUBLE REMIX ALBUM "Audible Remixes" on Furry Fish Records

Exactly one year, month, week and day after the release of a successful debut album "Audible Thoughts" comes Philip TBC with a brand new remix double album "Audible Remixes" featuring 18 remixers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Alike "Audible Thoughts" was a diverse album so is "Audible Remixes", therefore you can enjoy various tempos and styles of dubstep, downtempo, electronica, dub, hip-hop or drumandbass. The album was divided into "Part 1 - Day Edition" and "Part 2 - Night Edition" according to the mood and tempos of particular remixes. It is released on 30 Novebrer 2010 as a FREE DOWNLOAD with a voluntary contribution to the new Philip TBC's label „Furry Fish Records“. Philip T.B.C. would like to thank to all remixers who finished their work in time, to all who cooperated in any way and „Daska Records“ for a long-term support.


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