Philip T.B.C. a DJ and producer from the Czech Republic.

Philip started with DJing in 1998 and as he was focused mainly on breakbeat at the very beginning he started with playing this style. In 1999 he bought also some jungle vinyls to make his sets more miscellaneous. He has always drew the line between good and bad music regardless of styles and thats why nowadays after almost 14 years of playing his mish up sets include various styles from DNB, dubstep, hiphop, breakbeat or wonky to his own divers production.

Lately he has been focused mainly on his own production, improving technics of mixing and use of hip hop technics in his live sets. His credo is a permanent self perfection and as he says: „I see my future mainly in my own production and thats why I now concentrate all my attention on it. As for DJing I take it as showing of skills, good quality selection of vinyls and mixing of divers tempos and styles.“ From this apparently results his technics such as cratching, beatjuggling or beatcuting which he keeps on using in his stes more and more often.

You can enjoy his sets regularly all over the Czech and Slovak Republics. Within the last years he has played there at the majority of big summer festivals e.g. Let IT Roll, Pohoda, Cosmic Trip, Svojšice, Openairfield, Nočné Vlny, Summer of Love, Planet Roxy etc. Beside this he has also played at parties in Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine and others.

His personal satisfaction in his career is probably his performance at Pohoda 2005 the biggest Slovak festival where he was invited by  LIAM HOWLETT from The Prodigy himself. He played there as their support at the main stage. During his musical career he has among others played as the support with world DNB elite such as  Andy C, Ed Rush and Optical, Pendulum, Spor, London Electricity, Subfocus, Optiv, LTJ Bukem or a hiphop producer  DJ Shadow.

In 2007 he was chosen the only representative of the Czech Republic for ten days tour of Sweden along with other producers and DJs from France, Roumania, Poland, Finland and Germany.

He was placed third in category the best Czech  DNB DJ in Czech DNB awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

By the end of 2009 he released his debut album AUDIBLE THOUGHTS which spans again various genres and prooves rich diversity of styles. Some of numerous guests who appeared on this album are for example rappers from the USA (N.Y. Brooklyn), UK or Czech top-class turntablists. The album got very good reviews and was highly appreciated by the listeners. This album was awarded Album of the year in Dance Music Awards and Philip TBC was awarded the producer of the year in Czech DNB Awards.

He released his double remix album "Audible Remixes" in 2010 and he was awarded "Producer of the year - 2nd place" in Czech DNB awards.

His production awaken interest of Berlin label aromamusic.com that subsequently released initial tracks on beatport.com.

Some other tracks were then released on Esprit records, Big Riddim rec...

Last album Kokoro No Hibiki was released on Esprit records 2012 and London Elektricity singer Elsa Esmeralda cooperate on too.

2013 - 3 remixes albums  Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.1 "DnB series" , Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.2 "Dubstep/Breaks/House series" a Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.3 "Experimental"

Cooperation with  BTK (Brazil), Chris Su (Hungary), Jon Kennedy (U.K.) or N3gus (U.K.) plus Czech top producents.

Track Galactic (BTK remix) placed for several weeks on 4th place in DJ shopu Beatport DNB TOP 100 and also win best track in Czech DNB awards 2013.

2013 Philip T.B.C. start new project with czech electronic producer Jock the Lock called Slippery Jack. They produce deeper tracks with BPM 140 - 172 and release debut EP Sitting in Shadow at the enf of 2014.



»a member of Shadowbox crew

»a radioshow "BEATCASE"
together with DJ Ghonzales their own show on radio Wave focused mainly on low beats


Philip T.B.C. - Genius Curve EP (iO Lab. rec. 2015)

Slippery Jack - Sitting in Shadow (iO Lab. rec. 2014)

Philip T.B.C. - Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.3 "Experimental" (iO Lab rec.2013)

Philip T.B.C. - Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.2 "Dubstep/Breaks/House series" (iO Lab rec.2013)

Philip T.B.C. - Kokoro No Hibiki Remixes vol.1 "DnB series" (iO Lab rec. 2013)

Philip T.B.C. - Kokoro No Hibiki album (Esprit rec. 2012)

Philip T.B.C. and Ghonzales - March me to the afterworld (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) - free download 2012

Phillip TBC & Ghonzales - "21st Operative" (Forbidden Society remix) Big Riddim rec. 2011

Philip T.B.C. - Audible Remixes (Furry Fish Records 2010)
No Money & Philip TBC - Information Shock (Esprit Records 2009)
AUDIBLE THOUGHTS – DEBUT ALBUM (Delicious beats 2009)
Philip TBC & Ghonzales – Rekong Peo (Late harvest rec. 2009) - Pure matter compilation
No Money & Philip TBC - Hood Of Terror (Esprit Records 2009)
Pong (Aroma rec. 2008) (beatport.com)
The world is yours (Aroma rec. 2008) (beatport.com)
100C - From base to travel (Philip T.B.C. break RMX) Indies rec. (2007)
Punto Azul Presence 3: Ouroboros - 100C - From base to travel (Philip T.B.C. break RMX) Kaktus rec. (2007)
The world is yours (Idea Fatte/365 album) (2007 BBRekordy)

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