The magic of inspiration - it can make us change the world!

Welcome to the brand new website-home for anybody in love with art.

Philip TBC is a blogging site that shares thoughts and ideas about art, music, painting, culture.

Our ambition is to build a fun, positive, and above all inspiring community where we can get together and share our thoughts and learn from each other about culture in general.

Our vision is to inspire you with a fresh approach to lifestyle information.

Our focus is to restore culture and invite it into our lives to the fullest.

Withing our brand new website comes articles, videos, and much much more to keep you entertained, inspired, educated, but also to invite you to keep networking and sharing your thought with us and others.

The basic question we are trying to answer is: Why Is Culture Important?

Culture is a vital reflection of a nation.
It plays a massive role in everyone’s daily life.
Culture makes you feel like a member of something bigger than just your own family.

Culture is a means of communication.
Culture nurtures the connection between the people in an emotional and loving way. Without culture, there is no true feeling of unity or even life itself.

When we let culture in our lives, it helps us grow, become better people, experience new ideas through music, art, cuisine, and fashion.

Diversity in cultures is healthy for better self-expression and understanding life in general.

Culture provides a stable and nurturing framework for the community but, even more importantly it provides support for the individuals within the culture.

Art and culture are all around us.

They make our lives so much richer and fulfilled.